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Roper Whitney 381 Slip Roll

Work rolls of precision turned and ground high carbon steel. 2", 2 1/2", and 3" diameter rolls with wiring grooves and fuly enclosed gear housings. 2" and 2 1/2" Diamater have two driven rolls with 3rd roll drive optional: 3" rolls have three driven rolls. Two handles provided for 2 1/2" and 3" hand rolling machines sizes only. The upper roll lifts for convenient removal of workpiece on these Roper Whitney manually operated sheet metal rolls. These rolls can be bench mounted, with welded steel cabinet stand is available. The rear rolls of no. 416 and no. 418 are provided with three full length longitudinal grooves.


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Roper Whitney 622 Combination Rotary Machine

The Roper Whitney Beader and Crimping Machine Model No. 622 Series is equipped with the addition of a 7" deep throat for additional forming capabilities, such as furnace collar edging. The Roper Whitney Model No. 622 Combination Rotary machine includes a set of rolls (A, C, D, E & F) and gauges or may be ordered without rolls as Roper Whitney Model No. 622LR*(beading / crimping machine). A number of rolls may be ordered separately through Roper Whitney.

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Roper Whitney Magnabend Electromagnetic Brake

Roper Whitney's Magnabend Brake offers performance characteristics no conventional bending brake can match. The unique electromagnetic design of Roper Whitney's Magnabend Brake of the keeper clamping system allows you to form many complex shapes not possible before. Plus, the Magnabend brake can handle all regular shapes in light ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal (up to 4' wide, 18 ga.) in a simpler, less time consuming and efficient manner.


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Tennsmith Cleatbenders

Tennsmith Model 24 Cleat Bender

Tennsmith's cleat benders are manually operated tools that form uniform drive cleat edges on rectangular ductwork in seconds without set-up or adjustment. The upper handle forms the cleat and the lower handle opens the tool for easy removal of the material. Heavy cast iron and fabricated steel construction provides long life and trouble - free operation. A Tennsmith Cleat Bender can save you time and money.

Tennsmith Cleat Bending machine


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Tin Knocker TK No. 30 Cleatbender

Durable and dependable! The TK 30 inch cleat former has all the features you would expect from a quality machine. Quickly forms uniform drive cleat edges on rectangular duct with no required set up or adjustment. The upper handle forms the cleat and the lower handle opens the work space for easy removal of the metal. Of heavy cast iron and steel fabrication, this machine is built to last!

*Shown With Optional Stand


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Tin Knocker TK No. 24 Double Sided Cheekbender

For real production! This beefy little 24 inch, two sided cheek bender is built to last. Bench mounted, this machine comes ready for service. Consistent bends are a certainty due to the two-way trunnion keeping the bending apron in position at the origin of the bend. Adjusts for 1/4" to 7/8" bends (6.35mm - 22.2mm).


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Tin Knocker TK1660 Ductbeader

Stop cross braking! Save time; save money with this 60" x 16 Ga. adjustable beader. Produce SMACNA approved beads in a fraction of the time it takes to cross brake. A one man operation, this heavy duty beader comes with five (5) sets of bead tooling that can be located anywhere over the 60" working length. Tooling, if broken or damaged, is replaceable without the requirement of replacing an entire cross shaft. Beads are adjustable in depth to 3/16" deep. Powered exit support roll to ensure no material hang-up. No one offers more features.

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Tin Knocker Box & Pan Brake Model 2248 & Model 1648

Durable and dependable! The TK box and pan brakes give you all the features you would expect from quality machines. Of all steel welded construction, with adjustable truss bars and bronze bushings, these brakes are built to last. The brakes come with removable apron angle and apron insert, permitting .25" (6.35mm) reverse bends in lighter materials. The nose bar is removable as well, and the brakes are equipped with a precise stop rod for repeat bends.

22 Ga. Specifications:
Capacity: 22 Ga. (.75mm)
Bend Length: 48” (122cm)
Max Beam Lift: 7/8” (2 mm)
Max box Depth: 3” (76mm)
Min. Reverse Bend: 5/16 (7.9mm)
Min. Flange: 3/8” (9.5mm)
Dimensions: Approx. 64”L x 28” W x 32”H)
Weight: Approx. 356 lbs

16 Ga. Specifications:
Capacity: 16 Ga (1.5mm)
Bend Length: 48" (122cm)
Max Beam Lift: 1.25" (31.75mm)
Max Box Depth: 4" (101mm)
Min. Reverse Bend: .25 (6.35mm)
Min. Flange: 1" (25.4mm)
Finger Width: 2,3,4"
Dimensions: 64"Lx28"Wx32"H
Weight: 493 lbs

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