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Norlok | Portable Machines | Clinching / Fastening Systems

Norlok clinching and fastening machines -  sheet metal clinchers

Norlok Medium Duty Watson Clinching/Fastening Machine

Norlok watson hand held clinching / fastening machine for fastening / clinching sheet metal together in this compact light hand held machine

The Medium Duty Watson from Norlok Technology offers all the benefits of clinching in a lightweight version that gives you the portability you need. This compact clinching machine is easy to handle, requires only shop air to operate and can fasten up to two ply 14 gauge material.


  • Lightweight for great portability
  • Safety stroke for greater operator safety
  • Simple tool adjustments for little or not setup time
  • Close tooling access to get in close for more applications
  • Can fasten up to 2-ply 14 gauge material.
  • Air powered hydraulic booster
  • Easy maintenance for less down time
  • Competitively priced for low investment and fast payback
  • Fully customizable designs to fit your needs

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Norlok Slip-On Flange Watson


A more light-weight version of the Medium Duty Watson, the Slip-on Flange Watson is a commonly customized machine that ensures accurate clinching up to 3-ply 18g. The Slip- on Flange Watson model eliminates painful rivets, nails or screws during clinching.


  • No consumables
  • Clean operation
  • Safe handling parts for operators and installers
  • Air powered
  • Consistent connections
  • Clinch up to 3-ply 18g
  • Fastens easy to clean ductwork
  • Stainless steel capable

Features & Options:

  • Press Design Single steel C-Frame
  • Operation Dual Trigger – with toggle to close height
  • Power Air over oil intensifier
  • Return Pressure sensing (adjustable) 24 vDC
  • Stroke 1-1/2" (38mm)
  • Throat 1.56" (39mm)
  • Weight (Hand tool only) 19 lbs (8.7kg)
  • Capacity Max: 3-ply .055" (1.4mm) or total thickness of .150? (3.8mm)
  • Cycle time 50 CPM standard @ 1/4" opening
  • Air requirements 70psi min (80psi recommended) Approximately 0.8 cu/feet per cycle
  • Power requirements Any international supply within 120 – 240 VAC 50/60 HZ
  • Hanging Optional spring balancer available

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Norlok Heavy Duty Radius Machine

The Heavy Duty Radius machine is your portable sidekick to take care of the toughest fastening projects. This portable tool is designed for maximum flexibility and offers a strong round or rectangular clinch that can fasten up to 1/4” total thickness of mild steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and various other alloys.


  • Hole punching available up to 7/16”
  • Option to clinch up to 18g stainless steel (with select punches and dies)
  • Sturdy, rigid punches and dies give low tool consumption and minimal operating costs
  • No separate fasteners to buy, sort or feed
  • No thermal stress around the joined area
  • Very good consistency of the joint
  • Rapid, non-destructive testing of the joint
  • Ideal for large workplaces
  • Idea for joining more than two layers
  • Fastens pre-painted or galvanized material
  • Fastens stainless austenitic steel
  • Fastens materials with foils or adhesive intermediate layers
  • Fully customizable frame offering different strokes, throat depths and hanging arrangements
  • Single stroke or dual stage approach stroke available
  • Widest range of clinching available (2-ply 30g – 2-ply 10g)
  • High speed booster available (double the speed)

Features & Options:

  • Workhead weigh:t 46 lbs
  • Total weight, inc. Booster: 116 lbs
  • Working air pressure: 80 psi
  • Hydraulic pressure at 6 bar: 2,000 psi
  • Cycle Time: 1.5-2.0 s
  • Max thickness, mild steel: 0.250”

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Norlok EZ Clinch Clinching Machine


The most compact and lightweight portable equipment that Norlok offers. The EZ Clinch™ is simple, light, and easy. This clinching machine is easy to handle and use.


  • Lightweight for great portability
  • Simple tool selection for material combination
  • Close tooling access to get in close for more applications
  • Can fasten up to 2-ply 16 gauge mild steel.
  • 18v battery power pak
  • Competitively priced for low investment and fast payback
  • Customization possible

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