CINCINNATI Precision Machinery - sheet metal fabrication machinery specialists...we are here to serve you for all of your sheet metal fabricating machinery Here at CPM we represent machinery for all of your sheet metal fabrication needs - everything from hand tools to lasers, coilines to brakes, notchers to ironworkers and much more. Please give us a call or glance through CINCINNATI Precision Machinery 's site for all your sheet metal fabrication needs.



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Used Air Compressors

Used Autobrakes / Sheet Metal Folders

Used Bar Folders

Used Sheet Metal Brakes

Used Cheek Benders

Used Cleat Benders / Cleat Folders

Used Clincher / Fasteners

Used Coil Lines

Used Corner Inserter Machines

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Used Drill Press

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Used Duct Insulation Liner Cutters

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Used Gorelockers / Elbow Machines

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Free Operator User Manuals & Parts Diagrams

Baileigh | Berry | Betenbender | Boschert | Chicago | Cidan | Cincinnati | Di-Acro | Ductformer | Duro-Dyne | Edwards | Empire | Engel | Ermaksan | Famco | Flagler | Gary | Gripnail | Harper | Iowa Precision | Lion | Lockformer | Mite-E-Smith | National | Niagara | Norlok | Roper Whitney | Roundo | Ruoff | Spiral Helix | Tennsmith | Thor | Tin Knocker | Trumpf | Verson | Western Arctronics | Whitney - Jensen | Wilder | Wysong




Baleigh Magnetic Box & Pan Brake: BB-48-16M_6-2016
Baleigh MF-4005 Woodworking Saw Table
Baleigh PR-510 Roll Operation & Parts Manual
Baleigh MSS-16F_2013 Metal Shrinker Stretcher

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Berry Operation Manual For Notchers

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Betenbender Press Brake Operator Manual
Betenbender Press Brake Parts List
Betenbender Product Catalog & Brochure

Betenbender Shear Operator & Parts Manual
Betenbender Shear Parts Catalog

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Boschert Eagle Series Notcher Manual
Boschert Eagle Lite, Eagle 250, Silver Eagle Manual
Boschert Lite, Eagle, Silver Notcher Manual

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Chicago D & K Floor Brake
Chicago D & K SO, BP, & BPO Hand Brake Drawing
Chicago D & K Hand Bending Brake Instructions
Chicago D & K Hand Brake Operation Manual
Chicago D & K Heavy Duty Brake Parts List
Chicago D & K Universal Box & Pan Brake Instructions

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Tanklife Cradles-Cidan Profi 10 Cut to Length
Tanklife Cradles-Cidan QXS 16 Series Decoiler

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Cincinnati Machanical Shear Manual

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Di-Acro #2 Power Notcher Manual
Di-Acro Metal Finger Box & Pan Brake Manual

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Ductformer CR14-TDFC Manual
Ductformer CR6016 TDFC Wrap Brake Manual

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Duro Dyne FG-1 Pinspotter Manual
Duro Dyne Rolling Head MACH III Pinspotter Manual

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Edwards 55T Ironworker Manual
Edwards 75T Ironworker Manual

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EM-PRO EMT-7R Operator & Parts Manual
EM-PRO Model 1800 Pittsburgh Air Hammer Parts List
EM-PRO PEI_Spot Welder Operating & Maintenance Manual

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Engel 1250 Edge Notcher Parts Drawing
Engel Edge Notcher M-750 & M-1250 Brochure
Engel Edge Notcher Parts Manual
Engel M-750 Edge Notcher Machine Manual
Engel Notcher Residential Die Drawings
Engel 8 Ft Notcher Parts List

Engel 24CBM Clamping Bearing Drawing
Engel 24CBM Cleatbender - Electric
Engel 24CBM Cleatbender Timing Gear Drawing
Engel 24CBM Cleatbender

Engel 316 Edgemaster-Old Parts Drawing
Engel Edgemaster Flanger Parts & Instructions
Engel M-516 Power Flanger Parts Manual

Engel 800 Series Rollformers Older Machine Operator Manual
Engel 800 Series Rollformers Parts List & Drawings
Engel 800 Series Rollformers Machine Manuals
Engel 800P-20 Pittsburgh Rollformer Parts List
Engel 825 Rollformer Parts List & Drawing Machine Manual
Engel 825 Rollformer S & Drive Slitter - Belt Driven Parts & Machine Manual
Engel M-825 Rollformer Parts List
Engel M-835 Rollformer Machine Manual
Engel 835 Government Lock Rollformer Machine Manual
Engel HB-1640 TDF Rollformer Operation & Parts Manual
Engel HB-1640 TDF Operator Manual
Engel 1640 Spindle Head Assembly Drawing
Engel M-1640 Rollformer Parts Drawing of Spindle Head Assembly
Engel M-1640 Rollformer Parts Drawing
Engel 9816 - 800U Spindle Housing Assembly Drawing
Engel Auxiliary Rolls For Standard HVAC Rollformer Machines
Engel M-500P-20 Rollformer Machine Parts List
Engel M-500P-24 Pittsburgh Rollformer Machine Manual
Engel Models 800-B, 825,& 835 Triplex Gauge Bars Drawings
Engel S & Drive Cutter Installation Instructions
Engel S & Drive Slitter Attachment Parts Manual
Engel Stud Line Operation Manual

Seam Closer
Engel Pittsburgh Seam Closer Manual

Shopmaster Table
Engel Shopmaster Cutter Table & Magnets Machine Manual
Engel Shopmaster Magno Pak Parts
Engel Shopmaster Table Machine Manual

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1-1 ve 1-2 HVR Manual
CNC HVR 3100 - 6 Kapak Model
CNC HVR 3100 - 6 Montaj Plan+1/4 Model
CNC HVR 3100 - Silindir Grubu Model
CNC HVR 6 ve 8 mm
CNC HVR Motor Pompa Ballant +1/4s+1/4 Drawing
CNC HVR Sentil Ayar Silindiri Model
EZM7750 Eng VER11
Rexroth H008006 (6mm)

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Famco S14 Series Shear Parts & Manual
Famco Shear Backgauge Service Manual

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Flagler Machine Specifications Brochure
Flagler 16 Ga & 18 Ga Pittsburgh Operation Manual
Flagler 20 Ga Pittsburgh Machine Operating Instructions
Flagler 20 Ga High Speed Button Lock Machine Manual
Flagler 20 Ga High Speed Pittsburgh Machine Manual
Flagler 22 Ga Portable Pittsburgh Machine Manual
Flagler 24 Ga Pittsburgh Machine Manual
Flagler 24 Ga Pittsurgh Machine Operating Instructions
Flagler Buttonlock Rolls Installation Instructions
Flagler L Bar Rollformer Machine Operator Manual
Flagler Quadformer Rollformer Machine Manual

Flagler EC30 - EC36 Cleatfolder Instructions
Flagler EC36 Cleatfolder Parts List

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Gary Instruction Manual For 3350, 3351, 3353
Gary Slitter 3354 Instruction Manual
Gary Slitter 3354 Tooling Collars
Gary Slitter Parts & BOM
Gary Slitter Parts Drawings 3354 Build Materials

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Gripnail 7005 RF Power Pinner Operators Manual

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Harper E-400 Vane & Rail Manual
Harper Spin Bead Collar Machine Manual
Lockformer Harper Vane Maker Manual

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IPI A-1 Tool Instructions

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Lion 1836 Cleatfolder Manual (All Models)
Lion 1836 Model Cleatbender Manual 1984
Lion 1836A+ Model Cleatbender Manual

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Lockformer 14-SM Bandsaw Instructions & Parts List

Lockformer Model 24-S Bandsaw Manual

Beader Machines
Lockformer 6016 Beader Machine operator Manual

Lockformer 24 Ga Cheek Bender Machine Manual
Lockformer 24 Ga Cheekbender Older Machine Manuals
Lockformer Button Punch Cheekbender Manual

Lockformer 18 - 30 Ga Cleatbender Manual
Lockformer Hand Cleatbender 18-30 Manual

Lockformer Quic-Lok Light Duty Operator Manual
Lockformer Quic-Lok Medium Duty Instruction & Parts List
Lockformer Quic-Lok MachineDie Selection Parts Chart

Collar Makers
Lockformer Collar Maker Operator Manual & Parts List
Lockformer Spin Collar Operators Manual & Parts List
Lockformer Spin Collar Drawings

Corner Caddy
Lockformer Corner Caddy Instruction Manual
Lockformer Corner Cadet Machine Parts Diagram
Lockformer Corner Cadet Operations Manual & Parts List

Easy Edger
Lockformer Easy Edger Operator Manual

Lockformer 16 Ga Auto Guide Flanger
Lockformer 16-18 Ga Auto Guide Flanger

Insulation Cutter
Lockformer Insulation Cutter Machine Manual

Lockformer 20 Ga residential Notcher 10' & 5'
Lockformer Residential Notcher Parts Drawing
Lockformer Roto Notcher Machine Operator Manual
Lockformer Speednotch 16 Ga 10 Ft Notcher Manual
Lockformer Spin Caller Roto Notcher Parts Drawing
Lockformer TDC Notcher Dies Parts List
Lockformer TDC Notcher Machine Manual
Lockformer TDC Notcher Hydraulic Operator Manual

Plasma Cutters
Lockformer Vulcan 1000B Plasma Machine Manual
Lockformer Vulcan 1200 plasma Machine Manual

Lockformer 16 Ga Pittsburgh Parts List & Manual
Lockformer 16 Ga Pittsburgh Machine (Older)
Lockformer 16 Ga Pittsburgh Rollformer Rollformer Manual
Lockformer 16 Ga Pittsburgh Vintage Machine Instructions
Lockformer 20 - 22 Ga Pittsburgh & Auto-Guide Flanger
Lockformer 20 - 22 Pittsburgh Machine Manual
Lockformer 20 Ga Superspeed Vintage Machine Manual
Lockformer 20 Ga Button Punch Snap Lock Machine Manual
Lockformer 20 Ga LK-20 Pittsburgh & Auto-Guide Flanger Operator Manual
Lockformer 20 Ga SS Superspeed Pittsburgh Rollformer Machine
Lockformer 22 Ga Pitsburgh Old Style Machine With Flanger
Lockformer 24 Ga Button Punch Snaplock Rollformer Manual
Lockformer Model 24 Pittsburgh 24 Ga Rollformer W/ Flanger
Lockformer Model 8600 Cleatformer Rollformer Machine Manual
Lockformer Model 8900 Superspeed Cleatformer Rollformer Machine Manual
Lockformer Model 8900 Parts List
Lockformer Button punch Snaplock W/ Flanger
Lockformer Drive Turn Hemming Machine Manual
Lockformer Duplex L-409 Dual Head Rollformer Manual
Lockformer Standing S Cleat Rollformer Machine
Lockformer TDC Machine Operator Manual
Lockformer TDC Machine Parts Drawing
Lockformer TDC-V Rollformer Parts Drawing Idler Assembly
Lockformer TDC-V Rollformer Operator Manual
Lockformer Triplex Cleatformer S & Drive Machine Manual
Lockformer Triplex Pittsburgh Rolls Drawing

Vane Maker
Lockformer Harper Vane Maker Operations Manual

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Mite-E-Smith Hydraulic Cleatbender Manual

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National U4816 - U3616 Brake Parts Manual

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Niagara Bar Folder 30 Inch Parts Drawings
Niagara Power Shear Manual For 3B, 4,B, 5B, 6, 7B, 8, 9, 10, 12 Series

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Norlok Clinching Comparison Tog-L-Lok BTM
Norlok How Clinch Fastening Metal Works - With Images
Norlok MDSL 24 Clinching Operator Manual 2002
Norlok Metal Clinching Fastening Basics - Introduction To Fastening
Norlok Surelok II Camozzi Foot Pedal Service Bulletin
Norlok Surelok II Operations Manual
Norlok Surelok II Spare Parts Manual Rev 0 Sept 2018

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Roper Whitney AB1014 And AB1014K Parts List
Roper Whitney AB1014 Complete Parts List
Roper Whitney AB1014T2 And AB1014KT2 Parts Breakdown
Roper Whitney AB1016 Complete Manual
Roper Whitny Autobrake 2000 Operation Manual - Vintage
Roper Whitney AB2000 Installation Checklist Manual _ AB1014, AB104K, AB1016

Angle Irons
Roper Whitney No. 4 Angle Iron Shear Old Style Parts List
Roper Whitney No. 50 Angle Iron Notcher Parts List
Roper Whitney No. 51 Angle Iron Bender Instruction Manual
Roper Whitney No. 4 Angle Iron Parts List
Roper Whitney No. 50 Angle Iron Notcher

Bar Folders
Roper Witney No. 63 & 055 Bar Folder

Beader / Crimper / Rotary Machines
Roper Whitney 0581 Crimper Beader Instructions
Roper Whitney 0581 Rotary Beader
Roper Whitney 3617 Powered Rotary Machine Operators Manual
Roper Whitney 3617 Powered Combination Rotary Machine
Roper Whitney 4 in 1 Multi Tool Parts List
Roper Whitney 544 Rotary Beader Crimper
Roper Whitney 0585 Beader Crimper instructions
Roper Whitney No. 3617 Beader Crimper Machine
Roper Whitney No. 620 - 622 Rotary Manual
Roper Whitney No. 99 Letter Forming Brake
Roper Whitney CM-250 Electric Rotary Machine Instructions
Roper Whitney Rotary Machine 620, 621, 622 Operator Instructions
Roper Whitney Rotary Machine Instructions & Drawings

Roper Whitney 1012 Brake
Roper Whitney 412 Combination Brake
Roper Whitney 422 Connecticut Brake Parts & Instructions
Roper Whitney 612 Brake Combination Manual
Roper Whitney 816 - 1016 - 1018 Brake
Roper Whitney Connecticut U Box & Pan Brake Service Instructions
Roper Whitney Magnabend Operating Instructions - Vintage
Roper Whitney MBB4181 & 4182 Magnabend Parts List
Roper Whitney No. 1012 , 1014, 1016 Bending Brake Operations Manual
Roper Whitney No. 412, 414, 416 Brake Operations Manual
Roper Whitney No. 812, 814, 816 Brake Operations Manual
Roper Whitney No. 99 Letter Brake Parts Manual
Roper Whitney Pexto PX24-PX36 Brake
Roper Whitney Type S Bending Brake Operator Manual
Roper Whitney U-412 Universal Box & Pan Brake
Roper Whitney U218 - U422 Box & Pan Brake Instructions
Roper Whitney Connecticut U414 Box & Pan Brake Parts
Roper Whitney U416 Finger Brake Parts
Roper Whitney - Whitney Jensen 1012, 1014, 1016 Combination Brake

Roper Whitney 2420 Cheekbender

Roper Whitney CB3020 Cleatbender

Collar Machines
Roper Whitney Pexto CE-300 Spin Collar, CM-250, & 1627 Power Rotary Machines Manual

Roper Whitney Pexto PS66 Notcher Manual
Roper Whitney 455 Combination Angle Shear Notch Bend Manual
Roper Whitney Angle Iron Notcher No. 50 Manual
Roper Whitney No. 100 Metal Notcher Operation Manual
Roper Whitney No. 541 - 542 Hand Notcher
Roper Whitney PS-66 Notcher Operating Instructions Manual
Roper Whitney PS-66 Notcher

Roper Whitney 134 Hydraulic Press Manual
Roper Whitney Consumer Punch & Die Catalog
Roper Whitney No. 32, 33, 34 Lever Press
Roper Whitney No. 134 Deep Throat Punch Press Instructions
Roper Whitney No. 20 Ball Bearing Punch Instructions
Roper Whitney No. 20 Punch (Page From Catalog)
Roper Whitney No. 20 Punch Pg 21
Roper Whitney No. 118 - 218 Punch
Roper Whitney No. 16 - 17 Bench Punch Instructions
Roper Whitney No. 29, 58, 68 Foot Press Parts Manual
Roper Whitney No. 29, 58, 68 Foot Press
Roper Whitney No. 5 Jr. Parts List
Roper Whitney No. 8 Punch Manual
Roper Whitney No. 9 Universal Button Punch Instructions
Roper Whitney No. XX Punch

Radius Machines
Roper Witney Corner Radius Master Machine Manual
Roper Whitney ProFab Model 900 Corner Radius Machine
Roper Whitney Radius Master 911 Manual
Roper Whitney Radius Master Angle Gauge Parts Drawing

Rolls / Slip Rolls (Hand & Power)
Roper Whitney Models 381, 382, 383 Slip Roll Machine Operating Manual
Roper whitney 3416 - 3418 16 Ga Power Roll
Roper Whitney Models 390, 391, 392 Hand Slip Roll Parts Manual
Roper Whitney 416, 417, 418 Hand Roll
Roper Whitney 622 - 544 Rolls Cut Sheet
Roper Whitney No. 0381, 381, 382, 383 Slip Roll
Roper Whitney Precision Roller
Roper Whitney SR12 Manual

Roper Whitney 793 Seamer Manual

Roper Whitney 10 Ga Shear Brochure - Vintage
Roper Whitney Models 10H, 10H5, 10H8, 10H10, 10H12, 10 Ga Shears Manual & Parts List
Roper Whitney 10M10 DRO Power Shear Operator Manual
Roper Whitney 10M14 Shear 230V Electrical Wire Diagram
Roper Whitney 10M14 Shear Parts Manual
Roper Whitney 10M14G Complete Manual
Roper Whitney 10U10 Pexto Shear Complete Manual
Roper Whitney 137-152 Foot Squaring Shear
Roper Whitney 14 Ga Shear 10M14H Complete Manual
Roper Whitney 6M14 Shear Manual
Roper Whitney No. 137, 152 Shear Manual

Roper Whitney No. 299 Circle Shear Instructions
Roper Whitney No G52 Foot Gap Shear
Roper Whitney Older PH352 & PH452, Hydraulic Shear Parts Manual
Roper Whitney PH352 & PH452 Hydraulic Shear
Roper Whitney PH52 Shear Manual
Roper Whitney PH52 Shear Operation & Parts Manual
Roper Whitney Service Instructions For Pexto Foot Shear

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Roundo IP 80 - 90 Parts Diagram

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Ruoff Notcher Brochure
Ruoff Notcher Operating Instructions

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Spiral Automatic Tubeformer Model 200 Operator Manual
Spiral Tubeformers Model 100, 200, & 300 Parts Lists

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Tennsmith Autobrake Installation Checklist
Tennsmith 8 Ft & 10 Ft Floor Model Brakes Parts List & Instructions
Tennsmith HB Floor Brake HB121-14 & HB145-18 2015 Manual
Tennsmith HB Floor Model Brakes- HB73-16, HB97-18, HB97-16, HB97-12, & HB121-18 Manual
Tennsmith HBU 48-12 & HBU 72-16 Operation & Parts Manual
Tennsmith HBU-16 & HBS48-16 Brake Manual
Tennsmith HBU48-16 & HBS48-16 Bench Brake Parts List
Tennsmith HBU48-16 Brake Parts List
Tennsmith U48-22 Box & Pan Brake Parts List
Tennsmith EBT72-16 Upper & Lower Section Tooled Brake Manual

Tennsmith Cleatbenders Models 18, 24, & 30 Operator Parts Manual

Rotary Machines
Tennsmith PR16 Power Rotary Manual

Tennsmith 10 Ga Shear Model LM1010-2X Operation, Parts, & Maintenance Manual
Tennsmith 14 Ga Shear Model LM1014 Operation, Parts, & Manuals
Tennsmith 20 Ga Shear Model SK1020 Operation, Parts, & Maintenance Manuals
Tennsmith 36A and 52A Air Shear Manual
Tennsmith 52 and 36 Foot Squaring Shear
Tennsmith 52H Hydraulic Shear Manual
Tennsmith 52H Shear Parts List
Tennsmith Models 36 & 52 Foot Shear Manual
Tennsmith Models 36 & 52 Foot Shear Operator Instructions

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Thor Model 1210AH and 1210 Punch Press
Thor Model 2018 Turret Punch Press

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Tin Knocker TK24 Cheekbender Manual

Tin Knocker TK30 Cleat Bender Manual

Duct Notcher
Tin Knocker TK1016 Duct Notcher Manual

Tin Knocker TK Manual Flanger

Liner Table
Tin Knocker TK 5 Ft Liner Table Manual

Tin Knocker 20 Ga Pittsburgh Rollformer
Tin Knocker Flanging Attachment Break Down

Tin Knocker TK1652 Foot Shear Manual

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Trumpf C-160-2AKKU Shear
Trumpf TKF700 Motor Parts List

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Verson All Steel Model 2078 C Series Press Brakes

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Western Arc 30KVA Schematic
Western Arc 30KVA Parts List
Western Arc Fully Automatic Manual
Western Arc Spot Welder Semi Automatic Instructions & Parts Diagram
Western Arc Tips & Holders

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Whitney Jensen Sheet Metal Machines
Whitney No. 72 Vintage Power Shear

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Wilder Slitter Model 2024, 1624, 1630, & 1424 Operators Manual

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Wysong A-72, A-96, A-120, A-144, A-169 Air Shear Parts
Wysong Heavy Duty Air Shear A-1472-HD, A-96, A-1696-HD, & A-120-HD Manual
Wysong PH CNC Press Brake 60 To 400 Ton Manual
Wysong Power Squaring Shear Instructions for Installation, Operation, & Maintenance

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