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Pipe Benders | pipe bending machines

CML USA Ercolina

Ercolina Pipe Benders Models - CE40 and CE50 Ring Rolls

Ercolina  Ring Rolls

Features of the Ercolina Pipe Benders Models - CE40 and CE50 Ring Rolls :

    • Bends large radii with repeatability
    • Universal tooling accommodates a wide range of profiles and materials
    • All hydraulic models equipped with programmable controls eight individual programs with unlimited passes
    • All manual units equipped with patented two speed center roll positioning
    • Digital display of center roll position
    • Rolling speed up to 20 feet per minute
    • All models work vertically and horizontally
    • Threaded drive shafts allow fine adjustment of tooling without spacers
    • In-line gear reduction in oil bath provides high power transmission efficiency
    • Alloyed tempered steel drive shafts mounted in conical roller bearings reduces number of passes
    • Low voltage controls
    • Hydraulic cylinder for center roll located under machine frame for improved performance
    • Foot pedal for hands free operation included
    • Adjustable roller system for twist correction
    • Tooling storage compartment incorporated into machine base

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    Ercolina Pipebender Model - Superbender 060

    Ercolina Superbender 060

    Ercolina Pipe Bender Superbender 060 ® Features :

      • Bends 1/4"to 2" outside diameters
      • Bends to 90 degrees in seven seconds
      • Patented tooling system achieves centerline radius two times diameter without a mandrel
      • 24-volt low voltage control
      • Electronic motor brake and constant speed control for greater accuracy
      • Programmable bend angle with display 0 to 180 degrees
      • Programmable material spring back settings with display ensures bend accuracy for a wide variety of material
      • Remote foot pedal standard for hands-free operations
      • Patented swing away counter bending tool support system
      • Hex mounted formers for rapid tool changes
      • Comprehensive one-year warranty
      • Tool-free tooling changes with multiple CLR available for each diameter
      • No hydraulic components

    Dimensions and Specifications of the Ercolina Superbender 060 ® Pipebender :

    Height 36" , Length 24" , Width 10"
    Bending speed 1.7
    Operating voltage 120V single phase 50-60Hz
    Min.and Max.CLR 3/8" - 8-7/8"
    Bending Angle Range 0 to 180 degrees

    Standard Superbender Pipe bending machine Equipment :

      • PAR-050A 40MM Hex Shaft
      • PAR-050B 50MM Hex Shaft
      • PAR-050D Support bracket for counter bending die
      • PAR-050G Hand wheel
      • PAR-050H Remote foot pedal

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      Ercolina Mandrel Bender for Pipe Bending Applications

      Ercolina Mandrel Bender

      Ercolina’s ® innovative patented mandrel system adapts easily to the Megabender ® pipe bending machine without modification to produce high quality bends on tubes and hollow profiles when non-mandrel systems are no longer effective. Depending on material, wall thickness and distance between bends, the Ercolina ® mandrel system can accommodate centerline bend radii as small as 1.3 times external diameter on tube ranging from 3/8” to 3 ”.

      Mandrel systems incorporate five separate tools to effectively support the profile during bending process. The five tools are center former, pressure die, clamping die, wiper die and internal mandrel, and are specific to each tube diameter. Traditional mandrel machines require high volume production to be cost effective. The Ercolina ® mandrel system is an inexpensive alternative to high volume systems making it ideal for prototypeor production runs up to 1000 bends daily.The Megabender ® main drive unit is electromechanical, improving reliability and further reducing cost and maintenance requirements associated with more expensive hydraulic systems. Our hydraulic system is simple and reliable, operating only the clamping die, pressure die and mandrel extractor. Ercolina’s ® standard micro-processor controls clamping, mandrel movement, bending speed, bending angle and material spring back compensation functions for true NC semi-automatic three axis operation. Mandrel tables are available in four different lengths to accommodate most applications.

      Ercolina's Standard Mandrel Equipment :

        • A10 Mandrel support arm
        • A11 Sliding carriage and chuck
        • A12 One inch mandrel support rod
        • A13 Quick lock vice
        • A14 Clamp die fixture
        • A15 Wiper die bracket
        • A16 1.650 hex shaft
        • A17 Brass jaws for chuck 3/8” - 2-7/16”

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