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Advance Cutting systems | Autofold Coilines

ACS AutoFold-iFold

Advance Cutting Systems is pleased to introduce the i-Fold duct coil line. The i-Fold brings an affordable coil line to even the smallest duct fabricator. For contractors who use Ductmate™, Ward™ or MEZ™ knock on duct connectors, the i-Fold cannot be beaten

  • The i-Fold offers most of the functionality of a conventional coil line with the advantage of a vastly reduced floor space requirement (6ft 6in x 10ft).
  • The i-Fold allows the operator to use standard coil widths, in multiple gauges up to 16ga, and manufacture ductwork from a minimum of 5in x 5in.
  • The fully hydraulic system is controlled by the AutoFold v8 Control System that has been designed specifically for this machine. The input is through a dedicated 14in touch screen controller that utilizes a Windows™ CE platform to run the AutoFold Standard Software Program.
  • The AutoFold Standard Software includes a Jobs Program.
  • Ductwork is produced at an average rate of 1 piece every 20 seconds (depending on the size of the duct). The i-Fold retains the same production rate as the larger AutoFold machines.
  • The AutoFold Standard Software includes a Jobs Program.

The i-Fold can produce the following:

  • Flat sheet cut to length blanks
  • "L" Sections
  • "U" Sections
  • Fully Wrapped Duct Sections


AF-iFold Secifications:

  • 7 Roll Leveller System consisting of 2 Entrance Drive Rolls, 3 Leveller Rolls & 2 Exit Bead Rolls.
  • Shear Blades, 4 sides, upper and lower, for extended life
  • Maximum Working Gauge: 16ga
  • Maximum Material Width: 5ft
  • AutoFold v8 Controller with full AutoFold Windows™ CE Software including make quick, jobs and self-diagnostics programs.
  • 14in Touch Screen Monitor with fittings, mounted on the left or right side of the machine.
  • One “A” frame coil holder with spindle. (Maximum coil weight 10,000lbs at 5ft wide)

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ACS Duct Seam Closer


The Duct Seam Closer is designed to seam rectangular ducts.
The machine is a solid welded steel construction.
Increases productivity and can be operated with one person.
Includes a 1 year warranty as standard.
The DCS roll-forming machine takes HVAC ductwork that has previously been formed into “L” or Fully Wrapped Duct Sections, ot even large duct that has been fabricated in 4 individual pieces, applies a male and female seam and closes the seam together quickly, quietly and tightly. Basically, a non-seamed section of duct goes in one end and a completely closed seam section of duct comes out the other end. The capacity of the DSC is 26 – 20 gauge.

Specifications for the DSC lock are listed in the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Second Addition, 1995. The DSC lock is referred to as a Double Corner Seam or as a Slide Lock Seam. The male and female allowance of the DSC is similar to that of a male and female Pittsburgh seam. (ACS recommends that you check with your local inspector for the approval of the DCS lock). ACS has many contractors using this seam who will be happy to discuss their satisfaction with it.

The effectiveness of the Duct Seam Closer is enhanced when used in conjunction with the AutoFold Coil Line. The Duct Seam Closer also works well with Ductmate or Ward knock-on-connectors and can also be used with ductwork that already has the Drive Clear edge turned over. (The Duct Seam Closer does not work with the pre-insulated ductwork or TDC* or TDF* duct connectors).

*TDC is a registered trademark of Lockformer; TDF is a registered trademark of Engel Industries.


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