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Press Brakes Tooling

    Betenbender Logo Press BrakesBetenbender


Betenbender Press Brake Tooling Options

    Betenbender Press Brake

    Gooseneck punches are used in forming right angle bends, channels or other special shapes where a straight 90º punch would interfere. Width of face and depth of cutback are the dimensions shown. A greater cutback can be furnished but it will reduce the capacity of the punch. Number 43-44 gooseneck punches are cut back well beyond centerline allowing a greater return flange. However, this reduces punch capacity. As the length of the return flange increases, the width of channel must also increase due to the taper on the inside of the gooseneck. Number 45 requires 12 inch die space and sufficient ram adjustment to use a general purpose female die. If press does not have sufficient ram adjustment, a special height will be required.
    Betenbender Optional Tooling- Gooseneck Punches for your pressbrake

    These dies form two 90º bends in one stroke. Note that all of our offset dies are 1-1/2" wide minimum as the tonnage required for this type of bend may approach 5 times that required for a single 90º bend. Dimensions shown indicate amount of offset from inside to outside of metal thickness. Hat sections may also be formed if an optional cut-away is ordered on the bottom die.

    Generally speaking, die numbers 50 thru 53 are suitable for mild steel up to 16 gauge while number 54 may be used with 7 gauge mild steel. However, with certain modifications to angles and radii the range of these dies may be extended, depending of course, on press tonnage available.

    Many variations of the offset die are also available including adjustable offset, acute angle offset, open angle offset with heel, etc. Please submit specs for special die quote.
    Betenbender Optional Tooling - Offset Dies for press braking

    These dies are useful where different die openings are frequently required. Any size and configuration of die is available with the most common being shown in the table at the right.
    A Universal Die Holder is recommended for use with the 4-way die as it allows use of the standard bottom dies without the removal of the die holder.
    Also shown is a Die Block which is used to fill excess die space.
    Universal Die Holders and Die Blocks are available in any configuration.
    Betenbender pressbreak Optional Tooling - 4 way die

    85º - 90º PUNCHES AND DIES

    Punches and dies of this type are widely used to make bends of 85º - 90º or greater. By adjusting the ream, angles greater than 85º - 90º are formed by air bending.
    Air bending heavier gauges with these dies minimizes machine load and material fracture. For the dies shown the die opening is eight times metal thickness and will produce a bend where the inside radius is approximately equal to metal thickness. Relief on the sides of the No. 2 punch permits closer back gauging and longer returns while maintaining load on the punch shoulders.
    NOTE: Angles on die openings are the same as the corresponding punch.

    Betenbender press brake Punches and dies
    Betenbender pressbrake punches and dies

    These dies are used to form a final hemming operation or particular closure of previously formed acute bends. Both top and bottom dies have the same number.

    Pressbrake - Betenbender Flattening dies

    Acute Dies are the most universal type of press brake die, and are specifically recommended as a starter set. They are used to make air-form bends from 30º to shallow bends, and also for the first operation set in hemming. The degree of the formed angle depends on the depth to which the punch enters the die opening. All bottom dies cam be furnished with flat tops instead of tapered sides for increased strength.
    NOTE: All bottom die angles are 2º greater than the corresponding punch.
    Betenders press brake | ACUTE ANGLE PUNCHES & DIES

    Hem is formed in two strokes in 18 gauge or lighter mild steel.

    Press Brake - Betenbender Hemming dies


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