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Spot welders | spot welding sheet metal | Sheet Metal Welding

Tin Knocker Spot Welder Model TK 1524


TK 1524 Spotwelder Features:

  • Foot Operated
  • Water cooled (prep)
  • Swivel Arms
  • Swivel Foot Pedal
  • Universal Reversible Double End Arms, 90 & 22 Degrees
  • Vertically Adjustable Lower Arms
  • 6 Point Heat Selector

TK 1524 Spotwelder Specifications:

  • Capacity: 2 Pieces of 16 Ga. Mild Steel
  • Arms: 15 KVA x 24" / 1 3/4" Dia.
  • Electrics : 230/1/60
  • Max. Space Between Arms: 5-11"
  • Approx. Weight: 750 lbs.
  • 1" Quick Release Tip Holders w/ No. 2 Morse Tape Sockets ,
    (2) No. 2 Conical, 5/8" Dia. Alloy Tips

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DuroDyne  Welders

Duro Dyne BAW5 Spot Welder

The BAW Free Standing Spot-Welding Machine will weld metal from 30 gauge to 11 gauge. It features a specially designed transformer and features a pump that cools the welding tips so there are no burning hazards. The BAW is an efficient but powerful resistance welder designed specifically to do the job of spot welding steel in configurations most usually encountered during sheet metal duct applications.

The 5 foot throat of the BAW allows you to weld large sheets with minimal movement of material. One man can now do the job that previously required two. In
addition, the low profile bottom arm and tip assembly enables you to weld pipe and fitting having a cross sectional dimension as small as 6 inches.

The BAW’s unique water cooling system injects water into the tip and then continues through the entire arm, ensuring both the arm and tip assembly will never over heat.
The BAW also come with a simple water cooling system: Connect the cooling hoses, add water to the pail, then plug the pump into the receptacle on the back of the BAW.

The electric foot switch controls electronic circuits which operates the arms pneumatically. The unit is designed so the operator can stop the cycle at any time by releasing the foot switch, allowing the operator to correct any errors.

Basic Electrical Control are all that is needed to control this user friendly welder. The electrodes come together and the weld turns on and then off, and the electrodes release. The only adjustment needed is adjusting the length of time of the weld, done by turning a knob. Complicated computers and PLC that can be affected by noise and inrush from welding are not necessary. The solid state and the safety controls that are used in this welder have been proven to be reliable for years in welders
manufactured by Duro Dyne. Should for any reasons repairs do become necessary field replacement of components can be easily accomplished.

100 amp service

Height: 60 inches
Width: 36 inches
Length: 76 inches

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Lors machinery - welding equipment

Rocker Arm Type Resistance Spot Welders Air or Foot Operated



  • Heavy duty welder steel frame
  • air operated up to 150 KVA
  • foot operated up to 50 KVA
  • operator selectable single/Double stage foot switch on AR models
  • heavy duty, self aligning pillow blocks with large bearings that provide positive alignment
  • solid copper arms with steel end caps
  • multi-Step transformer tap switch
  • ejector - type water cooled tip holders
  • wide range of standard and optional controls

50 KVA Spot Welder Features:

  • rugged welded steel frame
  • built in microprocessor control with dual current, dual weld time, upslope and pulsation.
  • digital phase shift weld current adjustment from 20% to 100% for precision welding.
  • maintenance free solid state SCR contactor.
  • dual voltage 220V-440V/ single phase/60 hertz output welding transformer
  • soft touch control pad with LED functon and value indicators.
  • adjustable throat depth on the rocker arm
  • speed control adjustment
  • two stage electric footswitch with the option to add a second footswitch for dual current on the air rocker


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