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Tennsmith Box and Pan Brakes | Finger Brakes | sheet metal brakes

Tennsmith Sheet Metal Machinery Box and Pan Brakes

Tennsmith Box and Pan Hand Brakes

TENNSMITH'S bench-mounted hand brakes are rugged, dependable USA-made tools that won't break your budget. Model HBU48-12 is a heavy-duty bench brake suitable for box and pan or straight bending up to 12-gauge mild steel. The brake features a removable apron angle and apron insert permitting 1/4-inch reverse bends in lighter materials. The upper leaf and nose bar has a wide range of adjustment for radius bending. Standard equipment includes an apron stop rod for repeat bends, extension handles and a counterweight.

TENNSMITH'S bench-mounted hand brakes provide an economical means of performing a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming operations. These brakes are of all-steel welded construction, readily adjustable and utilize bronze bearings at pivot points.

Tennsmith Box and Pan / Tennsmith Finger Brake  *shown with optional stand

*Shown with Optional Stand


Tennsmith Model HBU48-12 Box and Pan Hand Brake

Specifications Of Tennsmith Model HBU48-12 Box & Pan Brake:

  • Capacity, Mild Steel: 12 ga., Stainless Steel: 16 Ga.
  • Bending Length: 48 1/4"
  • maximum depth of box: 4 "
  • Maximum lift of beam: 1 1/4"
  • Front to rear beam adjustment: 5/8"
  • Minimum reverse bend: 1/4"
  • Minimum flange in capacity material: 1"
  • Finger widths: 2",3",4"
  • shipping weight: 495 lbs

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Tennsmith Model HBU72-16 Box and Pan Hand Brake

Specifications Of Tennsmith Model HBU72-16 Box & Pan Brake:

  • Capacity, Mild Steel: 16 ga., Stainless Steel: 20 Ga.
  • Bending Length: 72"
  • Maximum depth of box: 4"
  • Maximum lift of beam: 1 1/2"
  • Front to rear beam adjustment: 1"
  • Minimum reverse bend: 1/4"
  • Minimum flange in capacity material: 1"
  • Finger widths: 2",3",4"
  • shipping weight: 1700 lbs

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Tennsmith Model HBT72-16 Brake

Tennsmith's new HBT72-16 is designed to provide forming capabilities for complex parts . This machine is truly a universal hand brake which allows for the removal of both upper and lower segments of fingers. Complex parts , such as, traverse duct and down flanged parts, as well as architetural sheet metal and signage applications, can easily be formed using this machine.

The Tennsmith HBT72-16 is built with the same high-quality features and standards that Tennsmith brakes are recognized for throughout the industry.

Specifications For Tennsmith Model HBT72-16

    • Capacity , mild steel : 16 gauge
    • capacity, stainless steel : 20 gauge
    • bending length : 72 inches
    • maximum lift of beam : 1 -1/2 inches
    • front to rear beam adjustment : 1 inch
    • maximum depth of box : 4 inches
    • minimum reverse bend ( angle and insert removed) : 1/4 inch
    • top segment finger widths : 2,3, and 4 inch
    • Lower segment tooling width : 2,3,3.5,3.5,4,4,6,6,8,8,12,12
    • Bending beam tooling segments : 2,3,3.5,3.5,4,4,6,6,8,8,12,12
    • Maximum transverse bend (through tooling centers ) : 2 inches
    • maximum transverse bend (at either end of the machine) : 3 inches

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