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HVAC Coilines by Engel Industries | Coil Lines | coil processing

Engel VALUE PLUS Coiline

Engel Industries Value PLUS 2 Coiline systems - the workhorse of the industry - a fully hydraulic unitized compact Coiline has earned the reputation of providing one of the most accurate and reliable machines available.

Standard Features & Benefits on this Engel VALUE PLUS 2 Coiline:

  • In line footprint fits well in many factory layouts – saving valuable space.
  • One man operation. Run in automatic or on demand using a convenient foot switch.
  • 12,000 lb or 20,000 lb belt drive or hydraulic drive Uncoilers available.
  • From 2 to 10 stations available.
  • Multi-Grid Feed systems available for easy loading.
  • Quick coil changeover. Extra Coil Drum Assemblies available for fast changeover of even more coil inventory.
  • Straighten, Bead, Notch and Shear (all standard) and Cleat Edge Former or Tie Rod Punching (both optional) all on one compact frame.
  • Patent Pending positioning and retention conveyor assures excellent seam profile.
  • Notching dies include clearance holes for use with EZ Connector system.
  • Rollformer comes standard with 1/2? Pittsburgh and Snaplock rolls.
  • TDC or TDF Rollformer available.
  • Lin-O-Matic/ Pinspotter available.
  • Wrap Brake produces 4 sided, “L”, “U” and full wrap duct.
  • No scrap between jobs run from the same coil.
  • Accepts downloaded jobs from many popular software applications.
  • User friendly touch screen control.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Modular construction. Any option can be added later. Expand your capabilities as your business grows.

Recent Improvements:

Modified leaf, bed and clamp to bend 18 gauge
Shear head upper blade holder guiding has been improved to make it easier and quicker to change and re-gap blades.
Added Reliability with fiber optic sensor for locating part for roll forming the pittsburgh seam

Technical Specifications:

Peak Speed 75 FPM
Accuracy = +/- .020
Handles 4 & 5 foot coils
Maximum part size: 120"
Minimum part size: 17.75"
Minimum Wrap Duct produced: 6" x 6"
Minimum leg produced on “L” duct: 2"
26 ga – 18 ga Straighten, Bead, Notch, Shear, Bend, TDC/TDF, Pittsburgh
26 ga – 20 ga Cleat Edge Former, Snap Lock, Button Punch

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Engel Full Coiline

Engel Industries  Full Coiline
Engel Industries provides the fastest Automated Duct Systems Available in operation worldwide-
from coil to duct "L" sections averaging every 15 seconds and a full wrap duct every 30 seconds.
The highest quality, most productive & cost efficient coil line (duct manufacturing) machines today.
Individual components have provided the features that save you time and money.
From underfed cradles through the hydraulic Unitized Compact Coiline®, Pittsburgh/Snap Lock, Cleat Forming TDF® (Transverse Duct Flange), Lin-o-matic with extruded glue system and either an "L" or full-wrap brake, Engel's System has the features you need.
Engel's coil line system is controlled by the P.C. based control with download capability.
Engel's "building block" concept allows you to purchase a coiline starter system, a complete coiline system or individual components to complete any existing partial coil line system.

Basic components for Engel's Full 5' / or 6' Coiline:

    • Rod Grid Cradles including coil drive assembly
    • powered underfed infeed guide assembly
    • compact coiline (Front end)
    • transfer system for pittsburgh lock and snap lock
    • 90° transfer and feed table
    • dual head cleat edge forming machine
    • dual head tDF© roll form unit
    • lin-O-Matic insulation unit
    • full wrapper automatic brake system


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Engel Compact II Coiline

Engel Industries Compact II Coil line
Engel's Coiline II blanking, notching and beading system can be either a stand alone system or the start of a complete automatic fabricating system with TDF®. Engels straightener, with four large diameter rolls, will remove coil set from either under or overfed coils. The coil line system is fully hydraulic including a heavy duty dual cylinder shear with bronze gibs. The low profile hydraulic notchers will notch for S & Drive, TDF®, Pittsburgh or Snap Lock. (You can add the "flip of the switch" option to switch from TDF® to S & Drive, or Pittsburgh.) Ring type beading is in accordance with SMACNA standards. The self-contained hydraulic power unit, with its reservoir tank, is mounted safely within the solid side plates.
A PC based controller, with proprietary software, controls coiline machine functions and can accept down loading from an IBM compatible in-house computer. The control is expandable to handle a complete automatic duct fabricating system. The Engel Compact Coil line II includes 4 drop-in cradles with a maximum capacity of 15,000 lbs. per station. The coils are driven by Engel's M-CDA-15-UF coil drive assembly with a direct coupled drive. You can order any of Engel's optional cradle systems. This system will process 5' (1524 MM) galvanized steel into blanks for your plasma cutting machine or notched blanks for "L" Section or full wrap ductwork. Cut-to-length accuracy is +/- .020" (+/- 0.5MM).
FEATURES of the Engel Compact Coiline II :
    • Capacities: 30 to 14 gauge, and up to 72" depending on model.
    • Straightening Unit: Heavy duty straightening rolls are 4-1/4 inch diameter
    • In Line Slitting: Available upon request.
    • Low Profile Notching: Dies are adjustable from S & Drive to TDF® with the flip of a switch. Notcher dies are mounted in precision Die sets.

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