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Tin Knocker Roll Formers | Roll Forming Machines

Tin Knocker TDP / TDC Roll Forming Machine

Transverse Duct Connector Profile Roll Former & Small Parts Feeder

This 14 station roll former comes standard with the TDP/TDC rolls, clip rolls, and clip slitter. The slitter allows the user to quickly and easily turn scrap in to clips. Blanks are automatically slit to width and fed in to the clip rolls. The clip rolls can also be strip fed. The TDP/TDC roll former will roll sheet metal in to leak proof, sealable TDP/TDC flanges at speeds of up to 50 fpm. Start saving time and money by forming your own TDP/TDC flanges. With snap on corners you can reduce or eliminate the need for spot welding. No need for a flange.


TDC Flange Rolls
TDC Clip Rolls
TDC Clip Stitcher
Small Parts Feeder

    TDP/TDC Rollform:
18 - 24 Ga    Pocket Depth: Uses Approx. 1-7/8" of material on TDP/TDC       Speed: 50 FPM
    TDP/TDC Clip (Min. Length 20"): 22 Ga.      Pocket Depth: Uses 2-1/8" of material      Speed: 2 1/8"
Forming Sections:
Shaft Diameter:
Pass line:
Forming Speed:
50 FPM
Motor: 10 HP, 1800 RPM, 230/460V/3PH
Weight: 2400 lbs
38 x 136.75 x 46 in

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Tin Knocker TK16GAPitts Pittsburgh Roll Forming Machine

The 16 gauge Pittsburgh Lock machine has 7 forming stations with 2 forming positions. One position forms the Pittsburgh Lock, while the outboard position has the ability of forming a number of other profiles, to include: Acme, Drive Cleat, or 4 in 1 rolls (3/16” Right Angle Flange, 7/16” Right Angle Flange, Standing Seam and T-Connection. Includes your choice of rolls opposite the Pittsburgh rolls.


16-20 Ga. uses approx. 1-3/8” of material
3HP, 230/3/60, 1PH Optional
Depth of Pocket/Size:
½” width of hammer-over edge adjustable up to 3/8"
40-45 ft per minute

Acme (“Double Seam”) Rolls (Type "L"): 16-22 gauge 1-1/4" 7/16" seam
Drive Cleat Rolls: 20-26 Gauge 2-1/8" 1-1/8" width
Combination 4-in-1 Rolls and 4-Step Gauge Straight Right-AngledFlange Rolls: 16-24 Gauge up to 7/16" up to 7/16" high
Right-Angled Flange: 22-26 Gauge 1-1/8" 5/8" seam
Standing Seam: 22-26 Gauge 1-1/8" 5/8" seam
T-Connection: 22-26 Gauge 1-3/4" 5/8" seam



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Tin Knocker 20GA Pittsburgh Roll Forming Machine

This 5 station 20 Gauge Pittsburgh lock rollformer is offered with choice of Drive Cleat or Acme rolls on the other outboard side. Powered by a 1 HP motor with V-belt drive.


*Optional Flanging Attachment

20 Gauge to 26 Gauge Mild Steel
1 HP, 115/230 Volt, 1800 RPM
Depth of Pocket:
5/16" (7.9mm)
Approx. 25 FPM
40"L x 24"W x 44"H (1016mm x 610mm x 1118mm)
360 lbs. (136kg)



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Tin Knocker TK24GAPitts Pittsburgh Roll Forming Machine With Stand & Flanger

Portable rollformer for 24 gauge and lighter material. It is available with power flanging attachment and is perfect for field use. Includes an all steel stand.


Note: When shipping, rollformer will fit inside stand

24 Gauge Mild Steel
1/2 HP, 1700 RPM, 115 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz - Standard (230/1/50 available)
Depth of Pocket:
Approx. 5/16" (7.9mm) with hammer edge of 3/8" (9.53mm)
Speed: Approx.
35 FPM
Flange Height:
3/16" (4.76mm)
Dimensions Roll Former:
30" x 14" x 20" (762mm x 356mm x 508mm)
Dimensions Stand:
35" x 14" x 24" (889mm x 483mm x 610mm) add 6" around for shipping
Shipping Dimensions:
41" x 25" x 30" (1041mm x 65mm x 762mm)
Weight: Rollformer: 305 lbs



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Tin Knocker Fourplex Roll Forming Machine

The Tin Knocker Fourplex is configured with S & Drive down the center and choice of either Male & Female Button Lock or 3 in 1 and Pittsburgh Rolls, this machine comes standard with S & Drive Slitter.


Drive Cleats 20-26 Ga.
S Cleats: 22-28 Ga. 20-28 Ga.
Right Angle Flange: 22-26 Ga.
Standing Seam: 22-26 Ga
Tee Connection: 22-26 Ga.
Male & Female Button Lock: 20-24 Ga.
Slits & Feeds S & Drive Rolls

See features
5 HP (1800 RPM) 230 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz "S"
Cleat Width:
1 1/16"
Drive Cleat Width:
1 1/18"
Approx. Speed:
100 FPM
74" W x 30" L x 50" H
Approx. Weight:
1280 lbs


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Tin Knocker No. 24 Collar Maker Machine

Notch, bead, crimp and roll complete round starting collars, 3" to 14" in diameter out of 24 to 30 gauge galvanized - in only one pass. Just cut to width and length or use scrap. This machine uses either 3" or 6" width blanks with simple movement of the crimp roll.


Capacity: 24-30 Gauge Speed: 30ft./minute


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Tin Knocker 20 Ga. Buttonlock Roll Forming Machine

Tin Knocker's 9 Station Button Lock Rollformer means no hammering over of edges. The Button Lock roll former comes with "male" tooling on one side and "female" on the opposing side.



20-26 Gauge
3 HP, 230/3/60 (Available also in 230/1/60 option)
Approx. 60 FPM
60" x 30" x 42" (152mm x 762mm x 1067mm)
820 lbs.



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Tin Knocker S & Drive Plus Roll Former

The TK S & Drive Plus roll former comes with these standard features: S & Drive Slitter to cut blanks and make cleats in one pass, S Cleat rolls down center, Drive Cleat rolls outboard on one side, 20 Ga Pittsburgh outboard opposite of Drive Cleat (optional rolls include M or F Button Lock, 3 in 1 rolls)


22-28 Ga for S Cleat (1 1/16 width)
20-26 Ga for Drive Cleat (1 1/8 width)
20-28 Ga Pittsburgh
Motor: 5 H.P. motor 230/3/60
Speed: 90 FPM
Dimensions: 69" x 29" x 49" (crated)
Weight: 890 lbs (crated)

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