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Sheet Metal Foot Shears | Tin Knocker Squaring Shears

Tin Knocker TK 1652 Foot Shear

The Tin Knocker 1652 foot shear is easy to operate. Comes with 25" scaled back gauge. The Tin Knocker 1652 foot treadle operated squaring shear incorporates all those features to which you are accustomed, to include precise gauging and beefy hold downs for shearing accuracy. This shear is easy to operate and will give you many years of dependable service. Comes with 25" scaled back gauge.


TK 1652 Foot Shear Specifications:
Capacity: 16 Ga Mild Steel Sheet Metal
Shearing Length: 52"
Back Gauge: 25" with Engraved Rule
Floor Space: 60" x 72"
Dimensions: 60"L x 34"W x 42"H
Weight: 1215 lbs.



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Tin Knocker TK NO. 1 & TK No. 2 Hand Shear

Our TK Hand Shears are versatile metal cutting tools. With these shears virtually any desired cut can be made with most metals. Both models are designed to be bench mounted.

The throat less shears from Tin Knocker come in two capacities, 14ga & 10ga. These machines make awesome cutting tools. Both models use a unique shoulder design that allows you to turn the metal in any direction during the cut. These hand shears are set up for clean, burr free cuts.


TK No. 1 Hand Shear Specifications:
Max Capacity 14ga Mild Steel
Max Capacity 18ga Stainless Steel
12” Height (Less Handle)
23 lbs.

TK No. 2 Hand Shear Specifications:
Max Capacity 10ga Mild Steel
Max Capacity 14ga Stainless Steel
15” Height (Less Handle)
38 lbs.

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Tin Knocker TK H1652 Hydraulic Shear

The Tin Knocker power squaring shear makes shearing light gauge metal easy. The design and features make shearing accurate and efficient. This shear can accommodate 52” sheet with a maximum capacity of 16-gauge mild steel. The hydraulically powered unit features fast and smooth shearing action, rear operated parallel rack and pinion back gauge, reversible 4 ft. squaring arm with embedded scale and 3 drop stop gauges. Also includes one shot lube system. No one offers a 52" x 16 gauge Hydraulic Shear with greater value. Pay less and get more!

INCLUDES: Front support arms, Parallel rack and pinion back gauge, 5ft squaring arm with drop stops.


Weight: 1350 lbs.
Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 36 in.
Maximum shearing capacity, mild steel: 16 ga.
Maximum shearing capacity, stainless steel: 20 ga.
Maximum cutting length: 52 in.
Back gauge range: 30 in.
Front gauge range: 37 in.
Motor: 3 hp.
Electrics: 220 V/ 1 phase / 60HZ
Floor space, gauges in position: 66 x 76 x 42 in


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Tin Knocker TK Jacketing Shear

This combination payoff cradle and hand shear cuts light gauge sheet metal, paper and thin plastic.

*Scissor type with a hardened blade.

*Easily cuts:
Stainless steel
Galvanized steel
Aluminum PVC
Kraft paper
And other jacketing materials

*Cuts galvanized or stainless jacketing up to 26-gauge, aluminum up to 22-gauge.
*Bearing mounted roller cradle supports bulk rolls of material up to 400lbs.
*No material mandrel required.
*Point of operation safety guard.


TK Jacketing Shear Specifications:
Weight: 650 lbs
Dimensions: 55 x 74 x 70 in
Capacity: 26 gauge galvanized/stainless steel & 22 gauge aluminum
Maximum Sheet Width: 48"
Table top height or working surface height: 34"


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Tin Knocker TK 1014 Air Shear

Try to find a comparable 10 ft. x 14 ga. Power Shear in terms of features and price! You won’t find it.

This shear sets a new standard for value in a 10 ft. x 14 ga. Power Shear. It is loaded with truly usable, standard features.



TK 1014 Air Shear Specifications:
Weight: 3775 lbs
Dimensions: 144 x 40 x 64 in
Capacity: 14-gauge mild steel & 18-gauge stainless steel sheet metal
Cycle Speed: 20 SPM
Air Supply: 80-gallon tank, needs 90 psi and 60 CFM

Manual Front Operated Precision Back Gauge with Digital Readout
Telescoping Pull Out Front Sheet Supports
Mechanical Front Dumping Rear Sheet Supports
Reversible 4 ft. Squaring Arm with Embedded Scale and 3 Drops Stops
Scaled Entrance Guides, Both Ends
Manual One-Shot Lubrication
Two T-Slotted, 24" Front Support Arms

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