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Notchers | sheet metal notching machines

Berry Floor Model Notcher

Berry Sheet metal Notcher Berry sheet metal notching machine | Notcher

Features of Berry Floor model notchers:

    • Easy Installation – All of Berry Notcher floor models conveniently powered by 110 volt AC (60 Cy.) and will operate with a minimum 1 HP air compressor at 80-120 PSI.
    • 75% Labor Cost Savings – Hand adjustable – no tools needed – so reconfiguration time is minimal. Cycle time is one second! Protective screen prevents injury. The machine operation stops when the screened lid is opened.
    • Steel welded frame for the Berry Notchers (floor model) comes in standard lengths for notching 4', 6', 8' and 10' lengths of material. Attractive, durable powder coat paint finish.
    • Permanent scales for measuring notch spacing and notch depth. Assures accuracy and saves time in both set-up and adjustment.
    • 16 Gauge Capacity on the Berry Floor model notchers
    • Easy foot-pedal operation leaves operator’s hands free to handle material, permitting single-operator notching. Foot pedal activates pneumatic operating mechanism. Cycle time is one second.
    • Individual head control eliminates the need to disconnect or remove unneeded heads. Each of the notching heads operates independently with its own air cylinder, operating mechanism and shut-off valve. By simply turning the shut-off valve, thus cutting off the air supply, any or all of the heads can be made inoperable

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Berry Portable Notcher

Berry Portable notching machine

Features of Berry Portable notchers:

      • Easy foot-pedal operation leaves operator’s hands free to handle material, permitting single-operator notching. Foot pedal activates pneumatic operating mechanism.
      • Cycle time is one second.
      • Filter/regulator/lubricator is assembled and tested at the factory.
      • Clean-cut notches from standard, custom or drive deal end-notch heads.
      • Portable for on-site use
      • Berry Portable Notchers are 100% air powered (no electricity required)
      • Drive cleat end-notch head available
      • The Portable Berry Notchers are Capable of running custom applications.
      • Safety guard protects the operator
      • Heads are interchangeable with our larger floor models , Easily fits any standard or custom head ,
      • 16 Gauge Capacity on the Berry Industries Portable Notcher


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Boschert Notchers

      Boschert Eagle LB12 Hydraulic Power Notchers --pictured

    Boschert Hydraulic Power Notchers with TRI-GIDE

    Boschert Hydraulic Notchers 90 degree fixed angle models include :

      • Boschert Model Lite
      • Boschert Model Eagle
      • Boschert Model Eagle 250
      • Boschert Model Silver Eagle
      • Boschert Model Golden Eagle

    Variable Angle Models include :

      • Boschert Model VariIV
      • Boschert Model K30/120

    Some features of Boschert Notching machines :

    • Fixed angle machines to 3/8" capacity
    • Variable angle machines to 1/4" capacity
    • Clean cuts guaranteed
    • Off - center cuts are not an issue
    • Extra long blade life is assured due to the unique design features in our TRI-GIDE system
    • Internal stop bar for shearing on most models

    Ruoff Notchers

Ruoff Automatic Power Notcher

    Ruoff Notcher

    The Ruoff Notcher is a punch press with an adjustable automatic feed. It is precision designed for punching various shapes, along the edge of sheet metal. Sheet steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, plastics, cardboard, or any sheet material that can be punched, can be handled by the RUOFF notcher. Instulation of a ruoff notcher is easily handled in less than five minutes.Standard punch and dies provide either a 15 degree notch or a 3/32" slot. Other patterns are available for your Ruoff Notcher.

    Here are some examples of what a Ruoff Notching machine is capable of doing.

      RUOFF notching signRUOFF notching  letterRUOFF notcher collarRuoff notcher Seam

    Specifications For Ruoff Notchers:

      • Overall Dimensions: 18" w X 12" d X 50" h
      • Speed: From 20 feet per minute (240 punches per minute) up
      • Adjustments : Centers of notches are adjustable up to 1 1/8" max. Depth of notch is adjustable up to 7/8" max
      • Electrical : 115/230Volts a-c, 11/5.6 amps. , 3/4 h.p.
      • Gauge : Up to 16 gauge mild steel - 20 gauge stainless Other materials in proportion to shear strength (.060 max. thickness)

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Roper Whitney hand operated notchers come in both bench style and portable hand tool styles. They provide a variety of special capabilities: notching, box forming, dove tailing, coping and corner shearing ; for sheet metal, angle iron, and flat stock.

These handy tools, operating on heavy duty bearings, trim, notch and cope (PS-66) up to 16 gauge sheet metal. The PS-66 is somewhat more rugged in construction and can be used to make inside cuts and to shear with only one side of the blade, which is not recommended with the No. 100. Both shears have adjustable blades, duplicate scales, adjustable gauge stops, and finger guard. Both the upper and lower blades are replaceable. Box flange blades are offered in both models and each has the option of a floor mount stand.

Roper Whitney No. 100 Notcher

    • Hand Operated
    • Bench or Floor Mounted
    • Adjustable Gauge Stops
    • Replaceable Blades
    • Finger Guards


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Roper Whitney Model PS-66 Notcher

          • Hand Operated
          • Bench or Floor Mounted
          • Adjustable Gauge Stops
          • Replaceable Blades
          • Finger Guards

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